Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Pony Express

Having been in a technological black hole for a few weeks I had the opportunity to observe just how far we've come as a society. I foolishly opened an email from someone on the "safe" list and became infected with an insipid virus. The new rule? I've returned to the Scully & Muldar School of "Trust No One".

Living in a time warp without technology was, well, odd. When I reached the point where the virus had now permeated my very way of communicating it was off to the Geeks I go, grateful that I've backed up. At the mid point of my withdraw I high-tailed it to Best Buy & pounced on an iPad. My husband purchased a zippier laptop and we are back among the living in real time.

I can't put this thing down, this iPad. My withdraw morphed into a new addiction with a younger, sleeker model. Am I having a midlife techno crisis? I have a Blackberry and now I want an iPhone. Seriously - how connected can we be? I made the comment that soon we will no longer get mail, paper mail. And I believe that to be true. An entire industry is on the cusp of major change. Books are electronic, learning is at our fingertips. Hopefully information and resources will become more accessible to the masses, and we will use our power for good not evil. We are standing at the edge of the most dynamic shift in the history of communications. And we can now waste more time than any culture before us.

So tweet me, text me, friend me or blog, but instead of sending me a YouTube video of yet another crotch injury or worse....drop me a line that says "Hey how are you? I was just thinking about you."

Because isn't the intent of interpersonal communications to simply connect? Can you hear me now?

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