Saturday, February 19, 2011

So OK its' been written about before this blog. But I kinda think this is cool enough for another mention. Popped into Hunt Valley Tile & Stone the other day to see a wall that looked like an Andy Warhol montage. Don Werneke, owner, enthusiastically explained that the wall was made completely of recycled skate boards. Pretty out of the box, pretty stoked I'd say.

Recycling has presented itself in many different apparitions.  Recycled glass fragments incorporated into counter tops using Skyy vodka bottles or Alehouse Amber makes a statement, as does utilizing post-consumer wine cork stoppers for floor tiles. I think I could contribute to that cause. In any case, the skateboard tiles really caught my attention.

They're fun, fresh and produced locally in Hanover, PA. The goal of Art of Board is to keep broken or unwanted skateboards out of landfills. Why do I like this concept when I haven't been on a skateboard in - well, never mind. I like it because of the visual appeal and environmental impact. Art of Board also celebrates that each board is not only a graphic work of art, but that all recycled boards have their own story - their dings and their dents are preserved to show the beauty of wear, of use, of skills learned. 

They're thrashed and they're proud. Alot like those of us that are warriors of life. Celebrating everyday wear and tear, of blows to the heart and soul. Wearing it out loud. And given yet another chance to show our many colors.

Weaving its' way in a consumer savvy landscape, Art of the Board can create a wall or floor that works with your color palette. These tiles can be grouped into various color segments, still random in pattern but can accommodate the desire to have a wall of yellow boards. Or blue, or green. Cool stuff. This sent me into such a tailslide I almost did a wallie. Custom tiles out of random art. Now wrap your head around that. 

To see a wall or visit the site, click on the links below. I gotta tell you, Hunt Valley Tile is always on the cutting edge of whats' out there. Good people that work toward bringing you what you least expect. Experience, enthusiasm and a way of seeing things anew by utilizing products morphed into diverse and different functions. Makes me want to rockandroll into a 360.

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