Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New High School Clique

Well I have decided that the iPhone is the ultimate Cool Kids Clique. If you don't have one, you are forced to wait your turn to be picked for the Dodge Ball team. You're the kid that can't climb the rope, the one that doesn't want to undress in the locker room.

Devices don't make you cool. Did James Dean have an iPhone? Hepburn? Steve McQueen? The Fonz? Their persona made them cool. They didn't have to have an external gadget to be the ultimate. I don't have an iPhone. And since I backed over my Blackberry I'm just not that connected. And you know what? I sleep better. I don't get up at 3AM anymore to return a clients email about a cabinet concern or a counter top. I can do that when I get up. The answer will be the same at 3AM as it is at 6AM. I still care  about my customer, but can care more with a clear head.

I've decided that the real reason to have an iPhone and pay all those data charges is to be the Cool Kid. The one in the IN crowd.  I have an iPad.  With Kindle, and email. So maybe I'm not the Cool Kid with all the apps on my cell. But at least I can see Angry Birds better on a big screen. 

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