Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Minimalist to the Maximum

Another great project with Greenleaf Remodeling.  A true ADA compliant space was created with the constraints of working in a condo - and without moving any of the exisitng plumbing hookups.  A true gentleman, our client is forward thinking concerning not only his space - but his own health.

Living with MS creates enough challenges every day, and a space in which to retreat and "just be" was clearly in order.  What a joy to work on, and our client to work with. By updating the look and feel of the space using minimalist design and "spa appeal", functionality became front and center. The existing shower and tub was removed, as well as one partial wall in the entry area. A storage closet was opened up with colorful baskets used for everyday needs. New lighting, tile and serious hard work and the bath was reborn. 


A barrier free shower with teak fold down seat, niche for essentials and glass tile accents opened up the small space. The original shower stall was gutted and replaced with a maple wood drawer base with teak top and framed mirror above. A wall mount sink with clean lines, comfort height commode and open shelf cabinet above with closed storage for personal items was deigned with the same quarter cut maple.  Kohler Purist faucets and grab bars keep the remodel clean and contemporary. Using bright polished chrome for fixtures added just the right touch of gleam in this streamlimed space.

Clean, comfortable and WOW what a look - the new remodel adds a whole new elegance to the term "ease of use".


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