Friday, May 13, 2011

I want my MAYPO!

In 1956 the most successful ad campaign was based on a cartoon kid named Marky. Bald, floppy eared and cowboy hat, his claim to fame was demanding his maple flavored oatmeal by vocalizing "I WANT MY MAYPO!"  Soon the likes of Mickey Mantle, Johnny Unitas and Wilt Chamberlain were clamoring for their Maypo too.

Advertising has become a bit more tedious. Magazines grow thinner and newspaper are disappearing. New media marketing has become all confusing.  Do I ping it or blog it?  How do you know where your advertising is best served?

The short answer - you don't.  Websites can validate your business, Facebook can enhance your popularity. email blitzes go to junk mail, as direct mail often gets pitched.  Slogans are few and far between, and the advent of advertising is in flux.

How can we be heard? Like Horton Hears a WHO - "We are here! We are here!" but WHO is listening?  I have seen companies that were rocking and rolling fall by the wayside because they can't find their message.  The smartest piece of advice I ever got was from a friend in the industry.  Her 2 cents worth?

Decide who you are and stick with it.  Simple huh?
Decide who you are and stick with it.

Are we still talking about advertising?

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