Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wash & Wear

One of the most used and most neglected rooms of the home is the laundry room.  A redo in this often tight space can be a minimal, budget conscious update or an extensive over haul. But make no mistake, a facelift in this area will make a routine chore feel far more agreeable.

Here are a few thoughts on the re-do in a really essential space:

Throw it out. The first and most important rule of remodel. If you don't use it, haven't used it in two years - throw it out or give it away. Lately I have been ripping through my house and just getting rid of the stuff that grows in my closets when I'm not looking. It's called clutter. A cluttered house is a cluttered mind. Get rid of it.

Determine how much you want to spend on the space. We had out-of-town company which precipitated the re-do. The often heard cry at our house was "Some one's at the front door! Oh my Heavens shut that laundry room door now!" Since time was of the essence and cost needed to be low, I employed some simple updates that renewed the room. And it feels so good - and clean. 

Floor:  For an 8' x 12' room, $86 at Lowes bought vinyl tiles that we installed ourselves. We really wanted porcelain or ceramic tile, but when considering the cost, plus wet saw rental, plus labor, plus time invested - we had to make a concession. The vinyl tile took 1/2 a day to install. It looks great, is very forgiving and one tile or an area can be replaced if the floor becomes damaged. Be sure to buy extra tiles so that the dye lot is the same should you need to replace them. Porcelain tile is optimal in a wet area and one day we may change it out. But for the next few years vinyl fits the bill....and the pocketbook.

Walls:  In one word - paint. Because it's a small room we unified the space by painting it all one color - even the ceiling. Or paint it with a pop of bright color if that makes you happy. Make it your own with paint or pattern, stay away from borders or anything that could make the space look too busy.

Storage Solutions: Wall mounted shelves, inexpensive baskets (don't forget TJ MAXX or Target for these items!) even plastic bins can help organize things that you want to retain. Designate areas to fold, hang and store. Adding a wall cabinet to hide essentials with a  paper towel dispenser hung below can do the trick. Get it off the floor! Hooks, shelves and cabinets add style, storage and function.

Decide if you need to utilize this room for multi purpose. With two dogs in the house, my laundry room has become their space as well. Keep it clean, keep it easy! A great looking bowl, floor mat, bin for dog food and wall hung sink keep it simple, streamlined and comfortable. 

A little goes a long way. Organize, pitch it out, then reorganize again! Minimal updates could only take a day of solid work....and the chore of laundry becomes a little less stressful and a lot more productive.

Love where you live, wherever you live!

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  1. Great blog post, Pat. I also LOVE the pic of the boys at the bottom! I always think Pawlie is getting so big...and then I see him sitting next to Mar and he still looks like a young pup. :) Both boys are so dashing!