Thursday, August 18, 2011

But does it feel good?

One of my goals in design is to make a space feel good. Not just make it pretty, but FEEL good and function well. In kitchen design there are guidelines that should be followed. We all know about the work triangle. This guideline exists in order to accurately place the three most common work sites at the most efficient distance  to minimize traffic through the work zone.
The three main work sites consist of the refrigerator - the cold storage site, the sink - the cleaning/prep site and the stove - the cooking site. Within the triangle, no leg should be longer than 9' or shorter than 4'. Based on the ergonomics of reach, steps taken and tasks to be performed this space not only functions well - but again - feels good. 
 In a recent kitchen remodel my clients and I went through countless scenarios of moving the primary work stations to effectively open up the room. During a visit with my client upon project completion her comment - "I can't believe how wonderful this space is to work in."

Yes, it is beautiful and yes it does function well. We flipped the refrigerator to the patio door side of the space off the initial entrance. The cooktop was relocated from the island  to the back wall to create a focal point with the decorative hood that is now vented to the exterior. The double ovens are adjacent to the island for ample landing space as my client is a wonderful baker. And she's about the size of an HB pencil.

A created hutch area with roll out internal drawers made for additional storage and the glass front cabinets above were lighted to bring a sparkle to the room. An island that was custom built was designed with the homeowners exquisite taste in mind. I repeated the shell motif she had throughout the home to pull elements from one room into the next to create a continuity within the home itself.

An added visual pop of a bay window behind the sink with granite running right into it expands the space and allows the seasoned chef a place to grow herbs even in the winter months.With light streaming in from the exterior, the space emotes a soft glow and brings the outdoors in. This provides yet another delectable element to stir the creativity in the pot of this talented cook.  

Her impeccable good taste and inviting meals are legend in her circle of family and friends and will be celebrated for years to come. Kitchen design is not only about moving boxes around a room. It's about gathering with family and friends and feeling safe - and good about where you are.   

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