Saturday, October 1, 2011

Embracing the Past

Once upon a time there lived a lovely young couple with more than a couple of very young sons. They lived in a beautiful home built in 1929. They embraced the value of keeping the integrity of the historic era of their home intact.

The very fortunate designer and remodeler that showed up at their door also appreciated this much maligned and neglected concept. Yet, this lovely young couple knew that as the boys grew, their privacy in their own bathroom would diminish as their sons needed a space of their own to practice their budding young manhood rituals.


And so, the designer and the remodeler set out on the odious task of reclaiming two baths to their former glory while allowing for contemporary function and effective use of the existing space.The challenge was further enhanced by the slope of the roof - another enchanting feature of this impressive home.

Armed with tape measures and tile, the re-creation began. A now stunning Master Bath was revived by incorporating a walk-in shower treated with glorious natural stone and glass mosaic inserts in a harlequin pattern. A hand held shower along with a fixed shower head allows for flexibility. Blocking was installed in the shower wall to accommodate a future grab bar - thinking ahead to an aging in place scenario, but currently fully equipped for ease of use in the present tense.

Since a delightful built in closet already existed in the room to house daily requirements, a classic Kohler Memoirs pedestal sink in a creamy Biscuit finish and commode completed the timeless appeal of this bath redo. A Roburn medicine cabinet added much needed storage with a dash of pinash and a double towel bar took up minimal residence on the wall. Soft finishes in satin nickel gave a retro glow to the room while toes were attended to as a heated floor kept the comfort level high. 

The beautiful ending to this fairy tale story set in a period home is really just the beginning for this lovely young couple with more than a couple of very young sons. They all lived happily ever after with a space to call their own - as the third floor bath remodel (to be unveiled soon) competed the needs of this traditional crew.

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