Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crouching Cabinets Hidden Budget

What happens when you start to work on a kitchen remodel?  What is the first thing discussed in the grand scheme of design? Appliances. Then counter tops. Then maybe cabinets....

If you work out or exercise you understand the concept of "working the core." The core supports the rest of the body, keeps the backbone strong, keeps everything fluid and functioning well. Let's call the cabinets the core. How long do you expect to keep your appliances?   10 - 15 years?  How about that pretty granite counter top?  You won't want to replace that....

So why is the cabinet budget crouching under the weight of the appliances and counter top? Aren't the cabinets the core that supports the appliances and counter top?

The core drives the function, drives the shape, drives the design. Pretty doesn't always cut it. Pretty fades. When beginning to remodel your kitchen consider that the crouching cabinet will be expected to outlast and out perform those appliances. Shift your thinking when it comes down to what will last.

You know that answer, you know you do.

Look at the best cabinets that you can afford to purchase and balance that purchase with all the other parts and pieces you are adding to the body of work. Balance accomplishes the best outcome. Balance all part of that remodel and work with trusted advisers. As with a personal trainer - a design professional is someone that can navigate the construction jungle and pull you through to a fitter, more balanced, aligned space. 

The grunting and sore muscles flexed on the front end will deliver a solid outcome. Anything worth investing in requires commitment on all parts so the end result has you in total balance. In total balance with your budget, your core, your complete results.

Patricia L. Caulfield, LLC

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