Saturday, September 1, 2012


Today I digress from design.  It was an unfortunate experience that brought me to a pawn shop this morning, my first ever visit.  A theft occured to a family member and gratefully some of the irreplaceable items were recovered by one terrific sherrif - to whom I am indebted. 

There was no "Chumley" on staff, no grumpy crumudgeon father figure barking orders from a swivel chair.  There were broken dreams, broken promises and broken benefactors of what was left.  A charm enscribed "WWJD"  - "What Would Jesus Do" was slumped next to a ruby studded heart.  Engagement rings of another era, set in fine filigree and white gold were shrouded by a baby shoe charm and a tray of diamond solitares. All bought for a song with the true intent long gone.

These items intended to coerce a smile, to bring delight, to warm a heart, to commerate an event now sit unattended, their value derailed.  The sparkle sits tattered, the newness now gone.  Undervalued and unloved, these gems sit idle, lackluster in their silence. 

Sentiment is an emotion that cannot be bought.  But sadly, and quite easily it seems, it can be sold.

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