Sunday, August 15, 2010

REDesign started with a fire. Truly, the kitchen stove caught on fire when my husband made his "best gravy ever". He sat the ceramic dish on top of the stove, it cracked in half and all that great gravy went into the stove and it burst into flames. No one was hurt - just the greatest gravy ever.

I have been in design about 15 years, lately, kitchen & bath. And I'm cheap. We have beautiful custom natural cherry cabinets that are 13 years old, and they look good. Good, not new, good. They don't need to be replaced and I can't afford it.

So began the wish list - double ovens, professional range, new countertops, new backsplash, new new new. Then came the budget. By being creative, efficient, and cost effective, I instantly updated the space by adding unique elements utilizing the existing materials. And what a WOW. Check out the before and after, then we'll talk about redesign, renewal and renovation that costs less than you think. Good for the wallet, good for the landfills, and just good design.

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