Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where do the pillows go?

Design Trend:
Freshen your space with new pillows!
But realistically, how many pillows can one own before they own you? And where do they go when their day is done? Relegated to the back of a closet? Or off to the landfill to kabitz with the carpet and other household items that are simply filling up the Fill?

Instead of a quick fix - take a moment to think about your Christmas ornaments. Are they safely boxed away, taken out one at a time to remember the moment, where you bought them, what was going on in your life? Now look at your pillows. Do they hold any emotional attachment? 

Design should have that connection with your life.  In Japan there is a design practice called Tokonoma. One item is placed in a niche and that items is reflected upon until it is time to replace it with another item that gives meaning to the household.  Your home should reflect the life you have led. Design your space with memories - in a frame or in a cherished vase passed down through families, or in the purchase of a single item that evokes a memory everytime you look at it. 

Create a haven that is comforting, a reminder of your connections in this world. Save a pillow, save the planet. And dwell in a space that is truly your own.

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