Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Ripple Effect

While swimming laps yesterday I began to realize that good design - like a good attitude - has a direct ripple effect on us and those around us. Did you ever step into a room, home or building where it just felt right? Alot has to do with proportion. The "Golden Mean" or the rule of thirds where all things are in propotion/scale to each other can create a harmonius space.  Let's take this another way - have you ever walked into a room where all the framed photos or pictures are hung well above eye level? How did that feel? Could you tell there was something disjointed about the space?

The same goes for a good attitude. OK, sometimes I wear my attitude on my sleeve and it shows. We get so wrapped up in how we feel  that we forget how we present ourselves to the world. We forget that words carry weight and affect not only how we are perceived but how our words affect those around and close to us. We become disjointed, or out of propotion. As in design, take a step back and see what's off kilter - what is disjointed. A little adjustment can go a long way in redefining your own atmosphere, and making that atmosphere around us a better place to live.

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