Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Color Cat looks at Paint

Wow oh wow. The Brown Truck just delivered a box o' goodies - paint fans from Benjamin Moore.  Among them is the Affinity Colors fan deck, for use with the Aura line of paints. Since I intend to paint this weekend, this delivery was akin to opening the box with the big red bow on Christmas morning. For a person that primaily wears black, I love color. One of my clients once dubbed me "The Color Cat" and all I can say to that is meow.

The Aura Paint collection is a low VOC line, with GREENGUARD approval for childrens' rooms & schools. VOC translates to Volatile Organic Compound and refers to off gassing and/or that nasty odor that makes you sick when painting a room (refernece Modern Family's Phil on cracking open a can of paint). 

While this is all great - here's the REALLY great part.....EVERY color in the fan deck works with EVERY color in the fan deck! I love that ceilings are no longer "ceiling white" or trim is not just "anitque white" anymore . Painting your celing or trim can instantly change the atmosphere in a room. I love the fresh combination of colors - Blue Echo works with Coriander Seed works with Kona Brown. And - by the way my dream job would be to name the colors in the paint fan. I am such a colornerd.

Check out the link - and please comment if you've used the Aura line.  I'll test it out soon and let you all know my thoughts.....!!! Keep seeing your world in color - bring your space to life!

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