Monday, December 20, 2010

Laughing all the way

Currently I am working with a lovely customer to coordinate materials in her new kitchen and her exsiting baths.  Her kitchen is an exotic veneer, Anigre, that will be stained fuschia - or hot pink. Countertops are a honed Black Absolute granite with a dropped down baking center sporting a grey marble with natural white veining. To top it off an Ice Pink Illuminations Corian countertop that will be under lit spans the elevated bar area on the island. 

Crazy right?

Her comment to me was "When I walk into these rooms I want them to make me laugh.  Do you see that?". Yes, I did. I replied "You want these spaces to be so unique, so beautiful that it makes you giggle out of sheer delight".  Her response "You get me".  

Some of the best relationships are simply the mutual understanding of who we are. While we strive for individuality we still want to be understood.  "You get me."  And it's just that easy.

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