Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Navigating the storm

The TODAY show aired a segment this morning on how to drive in the snow. Alot of us forget how to do that when the first flakes begin to fall. Scared silly panic and gripping the steering wheel within an inch of its' life (if indeed a steering wheel has a life) becomes the norm till the daffodils poke their little green heads out of the mulch patch. 

"If you have ABS don't pump your brakes - the system will do it for you" the reporter firmly stated. Well that strikes fear in all of us that learned how to drive without ABS (Automatic Braking System) or even power steering. I would assume it also strikes fear in the hearts of Prius owners. It seems the Prius has a mind of its'own when it comes to acceleration and braking.

"If you start to spin out turn your eyes to the solution, not the problem. Look where you want to go, not into the spin. That is the direction you will take." WOW. Are we talkin' about cars here? Because I think that little gem of handling wisdom could potentially touch every aspect of my life. Heck, I may even have a plaque made to put on my desk or needlepoint a pillow for my couch. Turn your eyes to the solution, not the problem.  I think that is my new motto for 2011. 

Happy New Year All!

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