Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Icing on the Cabinet

The bling on the drawer box, the pull on the door. Cabinet hardware has become the icing, the statement, the finishing touch on kitchen and bath cabinetry. Hardware is not just functional it can add a touch of whimsy, individualism, a pop of color or texture and everything in between.

However - here's one tip to consider when selecting hardware. Try it on. That's right. Try it on. Hardware is produced from all over the world and varies in length, depth and the height of the stand offs. Stands offs are not what happens at the OK Corral at midnight - but the metal, leather, wood or stainless material that fastens the pull to the face front of the drawer or door on your cabinets. The depth is what gives the comfort in the everyday use, something you may not have ever thought about.

Keep in mind you will be using the hardware on your cabinets everyday. Be certain that it feels good in your hand. That there is ease of use as well as attractiveness. We hate to admit it but as we age, flexibility in the hands becomes affected by arthritis among other conditions. Even a paper cut can hinder the simple act of opening a drawer.

 Order a sample - try it on. Try it on your cabinets, try it on for function first. And then if you fall in love with the style, the feel and the bling that adds that certain something to your space - you know you've made a choice you can live with. 

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