Monday, June 6, 2011


In the pink, the pink slip, a pink elephant in the room, your pinky, a pinko, pretty in pink.

That four letter word can conjure up a lot of different emotions or state of being. This is the first time that I have used it relating to the color of a kitchen. And I do mean pink. Anigre veneer was stained with a pink dye to produce the panels that created  the cabinets. Anigre being the exotic wood species - somewhat of a pale yellow wood with a faint ribbon-like grain running horizontally through it, this wood takes a dye or stain well with consistancy. The cabinets are frameless, a clean contemporary style of construction with a long stainless steel pulls used for the hardware. A honed black granite countertop tied in the black appliances while accent elements were allowed to state their presence. 

And how could you miss that backsplash? A white porcelain tile with slices of natural agate in the center of the free form circles was incorporated as a modern art statement. Custom stainless lighting curves down from the celing in a space age bent and the faucets and fixures complete the circular motif. The clients' enthusiam for all things swirly showed up in the fabric of the verrrrry comfortable counter height chairs - black and white with a free-form pattern on a black frame.

A gorgeous grey marble flowed from the island, and another elevation was topped with Corian from the Illumination series in (what else?) Strawberry Ice. Underlit with WAC LED lighting tape, this surface can create a challenge in design. If underlit the seams will show, and it is preferable to use one entire slab omitting the seam entirely. The Illumination Series is certified to the highest level for food contact and the surface does not promote mold, mildew, or bacteria.

While all the elements create certainly a unique space that the clients are, well, tickeld pink with - it also functions flawlessly. A true work triangle with an added prep sink, hidden storage for spice racks and baking trays, ample full extension pantry drawers for pots and pans, dishes and utensils all add up to a kitchen that is high design - and a well planned space for ease of use all at the same time. Storage is a snap, prep has its' place and all evoke the element of fun, sometimes one element that can be missed in a design. 

A room to create in, a room to entertain in, a room with the energy and the genuine warmth of my clients - this is certainly one to put a bright spot in the day. Color it pink - and you're on the right track. 

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