Friday, January 4, 2013

The Final Frontier

Space. How to get it, how to use it. Storage solutions seem to be everywhere. Tubs and containers, stackable and retractable. But where and how do you even begin?

1. Start with the clothes. If it doesn't fit, pitch it. Styles change, hips change and the cut of clothing changes. That pretty sequined dress you wore on New Years Eve in 1999 is as dated as the song. Party over on those clothes that are just place holders in your closet and your mind.

2. If you've stored it in a box at the bottom of the closet, chances are you don't know what's in that box. Let it go, move on, move it out.

3. The Linen Closet should hold linens. Ones that you actually use. Not the ones you plan on using as drop cloths and then remember them after you finished painting the room.

4. The Junk Drawer. Yes, that's all it is. Sort it, save what you really need ( maybe the thread and needles with the REALLY BIG EYE). Goodbye to everything else. Yes, it really is junk.

5. Pots & Pans that you never use in the back of that blind corner cabinet need to be given away. I am sure they're still good. Give them to someone that can really use them.

6. The Home Office....that's where my concentration is now. I have only one word. Purge. Purge. Purge some more. No one really wants to be buried in paper.

7. Remember this phrase at all times "Have nothing in your home that you do not consider to be useful or beautiful". William Morris. My favorite design words to incorporate into daily living.

Now if only getting rid of those extra holiday pounds could be this easy.

Resist the urge to fill up those empty spaces. Enjoy the room. Allow yourself to breath. Then get back up and get started purging some more. Not only will your living space be more organized, imagine all that baggage that just left your life. You should feel ten pounds lighter already.

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