Monday, December 31, 2012

Musings of the Moment

A funny thing happened today, an odd little occurrence that I am sure no one noticed.  After running some errands before settling in to wait for the ball to drop at midnight, I carried this thought with me for most of the afternoon until now, when I decided to sit down to share it.

Picking up the essentials at the pet store - dry, canned and a batch of Busy Bones, I watched as an employee went about the task of cleaning the glass on the parakeet compartment. What an odd thing to see. I stood back and watched so he wouldn't see me, aviary voyeurism at it's best. I wondered what he thought as he swiped at the glass. Did he enjoy being in the space with the feathered friends of so many colors flapping about - or was he trying to keep out of the crap that I am sure was flying as well. 

An interesting euphemism on the final day of a very long year. This past year I've had some life events occur that have changed me forever. Some relationships were let go, some new ones were embraced. Opportunities opened up that I hadn't ever considered and long open doors closed firmly with a dull, heavy thud.  

But I wonder, if looking at each segment of life as it happens - could each situation be viewed as a feathered friend or as a mess that has to be cleaned up? Which point of view will create an experience in which to build on? If you are cleaning up the mess, perhaps thinking about how the mess got there in the first place is the real place to start.

Still mulling the event over as I left the pet store and headed home, I sat at the green light as a funeral procession went past. Yet another solemn reminder of how precious each day is. And time grows short, just like the days of winter ahead.

And so as this year closes, I wish you the best of the new year to come. Count your blessings - one and all. Make friends with those little birds that land on your shoulder. One day they may teach you how to grow wings and fly.

Next time I'll be back to the business of design and trends. But all of these observations of color, of movement, of moments are, in truth, whats fuels the creative process.

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