Monday, December 3, 2012

The elusive four door refrigerator....

No, he is not supposed to get his own ice cubes.
It all goes back to ergonomics with me. Well, ergonomics and education. My refrigerator of 15 years is close to gasping it's last breath. Kamikaze shopping on a Saturday is not my favorite way to spend the day but a few free hours allowed the hunt to begin.

First came the education part. The research, the recon, looking for the elusive four door counter depth 69-1/2" high, 36"wide, water and ice inside the door stainless steel refrigerator. Easy peesey right? Three stops later I'm breaking out the duct tape to hold my sad old fridge together.

Four Door
 The ergonomic end of this is that I like the French Door Fridge, but I think that the bottom drawer is heavy and the black hole of frozen foods. Since I try to buy fresh all the time, I don't need a large freezer. A two drawer freezer fits the bill. The top one is easy open to hold that Ben & Jerry's. Bottom one for things you will eventually throw out.

So let's talk. I went to one big box appliance/electronics store, one old faithful everything store at the mall and one locally owned. Let's begin with the big box. After being stalked through the aisles of ice boxes, the boy in the red shirt finally approached. "What can I do for you? Oh we don't have that here". And off he scurried. No commission for him today. Mouth still open to speak, I turned on my heel and went on my way.

Ice and water inside. Clean look
and someone that is spotted
can't help himself.
Now the MALL. I hate malls. I call them "mauls". The old faithful department store wasn't bad. Not bad at all. Decent selection and the salesman left me alone. He did online searches and showed me the features and benefits of various floor models. Prices were comparable to the first store. When I slipped and told him what I did for a living, he started asking me questions about the market and trends. At least he was interested in what he was selling. He then apologized to my husband for "picking his daughters' brain". Ha. I'm sure that's the first time he used that line. All in all, a pleasant experience.

The locally owned. After an hour of price comparison, features and benefits, floor demonstrations, checking on availability, coffee, water or soda, list of items reviewed with pricing and a list of competitors that carry brands they don' there any choice here? The Macy's and Gimbles tactic at it's best! Overwhelming knowledge of what was on the floor, what was coming out in the spring, what is selling, new trends, input on use....the staff in these stores REALLY do this for a living. Not only that, they have their own in house installation staff. What? Full service in a bare bones price gouging cut throat down & dirty industry?
This locally owned store came out on top and squeaky clean.

I'll go back to that locally owned store. These are people who know their product, view their job as a profession, and educate themselves on how these appliances are used in the home. Ergonomics AND education. When you are investing in an appliance that will last you 10 or more years, who would you trust? A neighbor, trusted advisor, informed and on trend professional, or someone else?  Shop small, stay local. Stay community strong. It is where you live isn't it?

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