Monday, December 17, 2012

And so this is Christmas...

Another year almost over.  A trip for the all important tree selection, then to bring in the boxes of decorations.  Each ornament tells a story, some from family Christmases past - a very few still survive.  One, a hand painted rose on a tear drop globe was a favorite of my Fathers' and is over 50 years old.  Two Snoopy ornaments from 1960 that got lost over the years but found their way back to me. Seahorses, red headed mermaids and butterflies, all glass, from a trip to Cape May NJ.  The itemization goes on. A yellow duckie in a Santa hat to signify the birth of my grandson. The Radko Radio City Rockette kicks in a memory of that same Christmas Show with my Mother.  The fabulous lunch at the now defunct Rainbow Room with it's glorious skyline view.

And the many many Dalmatians that litter the tree, in a not so small nod to all ten that have pranced through my life.

These are not merely decorations.  They tell the story of the years past.  Of people that have come and gone, some of their own will, some not. These ornaments are the glass blown quilt of my life.  As I lift each one up I hold dear the memory of the moment, the loved one or event duly noted.  Like the hand made red glass ball decorated and selected just for me weeks before the pancreatic cancer took her life. "Which one do you want?" she said. "Pick the one you want me to have" I replied.

Just like these ornaments, I am grateful to have these interactions, these relationships that I can call to mind and reflect as I give them each their own place of honor on my tree.  A singular, solemn act that gives me pause and presence at the same time.  One day these will all belong to my son and his son.  My wish for them both is that they have found a true and unfaltering love, a life rich with happiness and that they cherish each ornament as I did, for they mark the passage of our time together.

This year, this time, hold your loved ones tight.  Hold them in your heart.  Hold them in a place of honor, and never never let go.

Merry Christmas to all.  As fleeting a season as it is.  Hold your loved ones dear.  For that time with them goes by in the blink an eye.  In the very heart beat that holds us all together.

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