Monday, November 29, 2010

Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on you remember the words to this one? From the Sound of Music with Julie Andrews singing this lilting number all the worries of the Von Trappe family disappeared even if only momentarily. The other day I got to catch Oprahs' Favorite Things Show. Since the show was SO BIG it ran two days long.  Judging by the gifts given - and heavens knows she is generous to a fault - there clearly is no recession in Oprahville. 

While I know that generosity makes her feel good - I could not believe the reaction of the audience. I thought some were going to faint, some were sobbing, hugging, jumping up and down like they were just given a cure for cancer. OK - I know - I wasn't there. How would I have reacted?

But onto Favorite Things. I thought alot about this and the reactions of the audience and got to thinking about Favorite Things. Things that are free. Here is my very short list. I would like to encourage you to just name FIVE of your favorite things that are FREE. Just five, and send them to me. I'll post the best of the best.

These are a few of My Favorite Things that are FREE:
1. Sunrise/Sunset. Yes this too is a song but I make it a point to see it every day. It gives me a sense of what is greater outside of me. And the colors are just the best in the palette.

2. Lying on my back in the grass watching the clouds and making them into animals in my mind. Yes, I still do this. Its' really fun.

3.  Walking in the woods with my dogs quietly, trying very hard to make no sound at all. Crazy isn't it? But thats' what the Indians did, probably on the very same ground I'm walking on now.

4.  Breathing in the night air looking at the constellations. If you really want to know your place in the world  - reverse your perspective and imagine you are on a star looking down at the earth to where you are standing.

5.  Watching the little brown birds fly in a flock at this time of year. I love how they float across the sky like little specs jostling for space. And think of all the energy they expend to simply be in flight. Amazing. And they know where they're headed.

6. The ability to read and write with a good command of the English language. My Mother once told me that people who curse all the time just can't think of better words to use. You know, I think my Momma is right. I fell in love with language and a thesaurus at a young age - I used to read it just to learn new words.
So now I'm going to ask you to describe yourself in one word. Just one. And you can use the thesaurus if you want. 

7. Hearing the whistle of a train right before it rains. The air currents shift and if you listen, you can hear things that you normally miss. I love the sound of a train.

8. Puppy paws. They're so new they are soft as velvet. The road map of life hasn't touched them yet.

9. Running into someone you haven't seen in years, and picking up the conversation like you saw them yesterday.

10. Silver white winters that melt into other words, HOPE. If you have - it keep it, if you don't - find it. As a good friend just told me "If you have life you have hope". And don't ever forget  it.

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