Friday, November 5, 2010

A Change Will Do You Good

Remodeling has certainly slowed down from years prior but you can still hear the sounds of nail guns and  hammers swinging in your neighborhood.  So what's the buzz? Whos' doing what?

The hot ticket is the Bath Remodel. Those whirlpool tubs that everyone had to have when new homes were being built 15 years ago are on the way out. They're taking up valuable real estate and the tile is showing it's age. Verde green is so over and new elements run from bringing the outdoors in to sleek contemporary to in between. The bath has become "themed" and style & design follow formulas to keep the space clean, calming, open and yet display personal style.

Tile still plays a major role but the choices have exploded. Ceramic has been replaced by the porcelains and the choices are endless. The porcelains have become affordable and have true depth of color as opposed to the ceramics.  The lower end ceramic can show actual pixelation on the tile from the screening process.  Go for porcelains that have interest, variation in color and a natural appeal.  They will continue to delight your senses each time you enter the room. 

Even a smaller shower can be transformed into a "Spa Space."  One of the little luxuries is the spas shower spray system which can be as simple as a shower head or dual body sprays. Aging in place has become fashionable. A grab bar can coordinate with a faucet or fixture and don't be shy about installing it.  After foot surgery this year I sure coulda used's not about aging but ease of use.

Here are just a few links I think are great. Remember - coordinate color, go for a themed approach and always ask a professional for design advice. This is one area that you don't want to scrimp on. To borrow a phrase from L'Oreal "Go ahead - you're worth it!".

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