Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taking it for Granite

OK I now know how to get hits on my blog. Post a picture of a puppy. 

But seriously, lets' get back to talkin' design. What's THE hot surface for countertops and what are the BIG FEARS about natural stone? Let's get the whole picture here. Granite out sells any solid surface hands down. There are other surfaces - Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq, Caesarstone & more. These surfaces are generally 93% quartz while the percentage remainders are resins that hold the quartz particles together to create a slab. And quartz has its place. The color and pattern are consistent albeit subtle and subdued. Or they can provide a pop of saturated color. They work well in a contemporary space or for someone who is afraid of granite.

WHAT? Afraid of something that Mother Nature made? It happens. Any solid surface is a big investment, making a decision stressful. As soon as you fall in love with granite another one comes along. It's a tough call sometimes. Granite is not perfect. Although sealed prior to fabrication, there are inherent fissures, imperfections, pits, ranges of color, mica deposits and veining.  All the things that came from the earth created over millions of years. Each imperfection is earned, beautiful and unto it's own. It is unique.

As all of us are. Any natural imperfection should be viewed as a rare jewel and celebrated. Freckles, shades of color, personal choices and nuances should be appreciated as an outward expression of the years of inner growth. Not maligned or discredited because it is different from what we know. Choices in design are as difficult as choices in life and should be taken into careful consideration before we chose to bring them into our home. 

We are, after all, not made of stone.

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