Monday, October 25, 2010

The Patter of Little Feet

What was I thinking? I had been craving the patter of little feet. Four paws that is. And then an opportunity to go puppy peeping in New Hampshire appeared.  A gorgeous ride through six states emblazoned with the glorious arrival of Fall had me in sensory overload. An October harvest moon hung in the night sky dotted with stars above. And the prospect of a pup? Too much. 

Well you can't go see little spotted dogs without taking one home. So here he is, keeping me and my existing dog hopping. Not quite the patter of feet that I was anticipating. There are snarls and snaps and growls and barks. Occasionally they get along. Integration into the pack is not the Norman Rockwell image I was hoping for. 

It occurred to me that this indoctrination is much like starting a new job. There are personalities, snarls and big dogs circling each other for position. And there are some that wag their tail and accept you for who you are. But you still have to prove that you can run with the pack. You hope it settles down - we are the ones that walk on two legs.  

It is important to view these personalities so that they all mesh well, produce as a team (or pack) and simply get the job done. The interview process reveals alot but finding the right "fit" for both parties takes effort. If you ignore the red flags, the growls or rumbles, you may as well chase your tail to get a functional and efficient team. Either that or try howling at the moon.

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