Saturday, October 16, 2010

Closet musings

Friday night was spent in a closet. Literally, in a closet. Too much on my mind to even sit and watch tv, the focus on reading a book was lost. It began by restlessly putting away the laundry. Shortly then after I was standing in a puddle of cotton and wool - all the clothes pulled off the closet shelves and onto the floor to begin the sorting process.

Sometimes the only way to clear out the clutter is to jump into the middle of it. Sort what is worth holding onto, what is worth letting go. This is a good time of year to wool gather - not only in your closet but in your mind. Fall brings a sense of change, of showing us there is beauty in the leaves that will soon be gone. That changing color doesn't always mean changing form - but shedding our external "leaves" to begin a process of renewal.

In current design trends closet and closet organization have become a field unto its' own. There are all types of accessories to be utilzed in every room of the house. Storage equipment that gives us the ability to organize the clutter that creeps into our lives. I find that when living space is organized it allows us to think unfettered. We can see past the clutter and move forward more freely. 

The weather is turning colder, the flip flops will be stored in the hopes that they'll soon reappear. Those carefree days of summer put away until their return. The sturdy boots come out, the cozy sweaters wrap us in warmth. The seasons change with each passing day and with each season a new reflection begins.  It's time to put away what is no longer necessary and embrace what is already waiting for us.

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