Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'll Stand By You

Cancer doesn't care, she said. It doesn't care how old you are, what color you are, if you're a man or a woman or a boy or a girl. Cancer doesn't care. 

And she was right. This year as we sit down to feasts and festivities breathe the moment in, feel your lungs expand, hear your heart beat. Inhale the fragrance of Thanksgiving - let it settle into your being. Be grateful for even the most unconscious things we do each day.

A few months ago a close friend and fantastic designer was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is the one of the most creative, talented designers I have ever worked with. If you have a space designed by her consider yourself darn lucky. Her kitchens have graced the covers and pages of many magazines and I am grateful to have had time to really know her. 

As she fights this cancer and realizes the road ahead is the toughest she'll ever climb, I think about all of the lives shes' touched in some way. And there are many. Not only in creating the space that memories are made in - the kitchen - the heart of the home, but though coworkers, family and friends.

Cancer doesn't care, but we do. Realize that each time you touch a life you touch many. As my dear friend walks through her treatments and on this path she has been given she should know how many are willing to be there with her. Willing to stand by her and waiting to see her smile again. Willing to send prayer or send energy or send whatever you believe in. Willing to stand by her and stand tall. Willing to be there all the way.<

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